Watch Code Taking Shape with TDD

In this screencast, we will cover the process of the test first Test Driven Development (TDD). TDD is one of those skills that take moment to learn, life long to master. This screencast is to just give you an overview.

For me, it has always been inspirational to watch things taking shape. In that spirit, this screencast is created, and can be used:

  • To educate non-tech stake holders and others.
  • To motivate developers.
  • To bring consistency among team members of the definition of test first TDD.

A simple math problem is used to demonstrate the concept. Don't let the code intimidate you if you are a non-tech person, instead, focus on the process and how the code(both tests, and the code) is taking shape.

We will develop a calculator with following three capabilities:

  • Addition
  • Division
  • Factorial

Red/Green/Refactor Cycle

You will see a repeatitive Red/Green/Refactor cycle, frequently switching between test and code.

This cycle follows 3 steps:

1.Write a failing test (Red)
2.Make it pass (mostly with fake implementation) (Green)
3.Refactor (Refactor)

IDE/Plugins, Frameworks used

  • Visual Studio 2013 Profressional Edition
  • NUnit framework
  • Resharper
  • Dotcover
  • Continuous Test
  • ViEmu

Attribution: Thanks to telmo32 for the shop image.

Prasad Narravula

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